Ingegneri Riuniti has developed in recent years specialized skills in advanced integrated design using Building Information Modeling (BIM). Therefore is able to offer its customers a controlled and conscious design in which the architectural structural and engineering systems are consistent and integrated. The use of advanced systems of design and graphic rendering allows to guarantee the following advantages:

• significant reduction of design errors,

• reduction of delivery times,

• management in the design phase of the interference between systems by developing technical solutions and optimal layout in the cost-benefit ratio,

• greater precision in quantifying costs and execution time in the planning,

• reduction of building site contingencies and its extra costs,

• precision and accuracy of the details that allows companies executing a more targeted offer and proper planning of the execution time,

• accompanying the building throughout its useful life cycle with the help of a graphical tool that can be used as framework for scheduled maintenance work.

The use of models that links systems and components of a building with the different disciplines can be applied to the field of architecture but also to industrial plants and infrastructure, ensuring the development of a high quality, 360-degrees controlled product design.

Ingegneri Riuniti also participate in online forums on BIM issues at European level to continually update its project proposal and contribute to spread a better quality of complex engineering and architecture projects.